She Buys Curtain Rods, But Uses Them In Completely Different Ways. What Great Ideas!


Try These Sneaky Ways To Stay Organized With Rods

There’s a little-known organizational secret in the homemaking world, and it’s finally time for you to get in on the magic. You can use curtain, shower and towel rods to keep your home neat and tidy!


Fabric Book Pouch

Drape fabric around a curtain rod and mount on the wall for an easy-access book shelf! Learn more on the Apartment Therapy site.


Smart Stocking Trick

This is such a clever (and inexpensive) stocking hanger – and once Christmas is over, you can use it as an extra way to decorate all year round!

See how to make one for your home on the Maison DePax webpage.


DIY Pot Rack

Use the same technique to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling! You’ll save precious storage space and your home will have a new cool and classy touch.


Under The Sink

Use a shower rod to hang your cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. This will give you tons of space on the shelf itself. See how the Homemaking Master did it on!


Space-Friendly Shoe Storage

Simple tension curtain rods can be assembled to make excellent shoe storage! It’s great for apartments, too! See how to create this for your own home by visiting the A Loyal Love blog.


A Place For Clothing

Give your laundry room a little extra functionality by attaching a towel rod to a plank of wood and hanging it like you see here! The best part is that you can move it from home to home, and place it wherever it works best.


Clever Craft Storage

Curtain rods can also be used as a great way to store your crafting supplies. You just need baskets and cups with handles so you can weave them through the rod!

Check out the Mountain Modern Life page for more details.


Tub Toy Rack

Shower curtain tension rods can be used to make bath time a breeze. The toys will stay within arm’s reach and you won’t have to worry about stepping on them during your own shower!


Try this cool RV tip to keep the gear on your mobile palace organized and secure.

It’s All Up To You

Curtain rods have a million good uses besides hanging your colorful drapery. So give any of these fun projects a shot and enjoy your newly organized home!


Source: Faith Tap


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