Make MONEY Online Using SEO Reporting


Using SEO Reporting Metrics to Better Understand How to Make Money Online


If you have a website, you have likely heard about the importance of search engine optimization. That is certainly the buzz phrase these days, and for good reason. With the billions of websites on the Internet today, you can bet that literally thousands are touting the same product or service that you are. You need to get noticed over all of that noise and drive in unique visitors to your site. You need to focus on search optimization. You certainly understand that now, but how do you go about it? Modern technology and recent software developments have enabled the reporting of SEO metrics to become much simpler, to the point that you can now see them updated daily via an app on your smart phone. Consider the following four steps that are designed to help you create a strategy that will lead to more successful outcomes related to SEO.

Establish Realistic Expectations

While you might understand what SEO is, you might not realize that it is not always possible to be ranked #1 in a search every time. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they just establish a few key words, then their search status will be elevated quickly and the unique visitors will flow in. There is much more to the search algorithms than that, however, so a complete understanding of the process is necessary before you really have the big of an impact. That being said, a professional company can certainly guide you in this process and help you get noticed much more readily within the major search engines of the world. Allow them to help you, and possibly even work on the task for you, but do establish some realistic expectations from the start.

Set Some Goals and Benchmarks

From the outset of the process, it is helpful to establish some goals that you hope to achieve from focusing on SEO. If you want to increase traffic from an organic search over the next quarter by 10%, then establish that and go for it. Make the changes that you need to make in order to reach that benchmark, and then review the metric results often to determine your progress. This will also allow you to make some modifications along the way if you find that you are not achieving the results that you desire.

Use Analytics to Establish Goals as Well

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process, so it should not surprise you that analytics enter into the equation at some point. You need to establish some goals for your conversion rate in order to determine if the visitors to your site are actually turning into customers. You can do this by looking at how long they spend on your site, and if they are visiting more than one page during their stay. This is made simple with analytics software.

Establish Some Metrics and Drive Action Items

Again, having metrics without actual action items is meaningless. Realize that keywords by position are sorted from the highest to lowest converter. In addition, new content is constantly being indexed and ranked, so keep that in mind as well as you set your SEO strategy.