He Drives On A Dangerous Roadway – When He Turned This Corner My Stomach Dropped


Dangerous Norwegian Highway With A Huge Drop-off


This brave driver decides to take a trip down the famous Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway and, just like he suspected, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Not only are you right alongside a rocky archipelago, but the ocean is known to be turbulent in that area and the waves violently crash against the jagged scenery, just feet from your car.




The Atlantic Ocean Road (or Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian) is over 5.2 miles long and covers some of the most dangerous driving terrain known to man. To add to the intensity, the road is actually a two-lane freeway. That means that you’ll have to face drivers heading right toward you while travelling over 50 miles per hour.




Not many know that the Atlantic Ocean route was originally designed to be a railroad line in the early 20th century. Builders soon realized that the dips in land would alter the construction plans and destructive storms in the area would make transporting goods impossible. So that’s when they decided to transform the design to accommodate cars instead. With unusual birds flying overhead, and seals and whales just off the coastline, this may just be the most interesting (and terrifying) road in the world!


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