Getting RICH Can Begin Today Online


Social media platforms are some of the most integral components of the marketing plan for any business, large and small. In fact there are a myriad of ways that you can leverage your online presence to increase your visibility and drive your own marketing plans for your organization.

However, the Internet is constantly evolving and changing; this means that the tried-and-true social media strategies that you might have used in years past or even just a few months ago might not work as effectively as they did at one time. In order to help companies cope with the constantly shifting landscape of the Internet – and in particular the social media market – here are 25 actionable social media strategies that you can implement immediately in order to begin building your own brand awareness.

1. Use hashtags and other social media keywords effectively. If there’s a current event that has a trending hashtag, you can get eyes on even tangentially related content if you tag your social media posts effectively. This extends your reach further than just your core followers, as your posts will be included in search results for that keyword.

2. Revisit evergreen content from the past, especially content that had proven popular. Make “in case you missed it” posts once a week, promoting one or two of your most popular posts over the last seven days, as a recap of the week. It’s just one more opportunity to get eyes on content that has already proven to be effective in attracting attention.

3. Include images or video clips in your social media posts. People are highly visual, and if you tend to simply post text updates these can be lost in the shuffle of the constant stream of cat pictures featuring clever captions or the other countless forms of entertainment that is so common when it comes to social media.

4. Make sure your name is reserved, even on social media platforms that you don’t use. Never created an Instagram account for your business? Make sure you at least sign up and reserve your name. Same thing for other popular social media platforms like Tumblr or Reddit. Not only does this ensure that if you do want to begin using one of these platforms you can simply jump in whenever you like in the future, it also keeps spammers, trolls and hackers from impersonating you and/or your company for nefarious or mischievous reasons.

5. Provide regular updates. Don’t disappear for days, weeks or months at a time, as this will make it harder to regain any lost traction when you finally begin to attempt to re-build an online following that you neglected. With the tendency for social media users to occasionally purge their profiles of pages or subscriptions that have been inactive,

it’s going to be an uphill battle to get them back or to find additional users to replace them before you can even begin making any headway.