A Stranger Gave Her His Liver, But What He Asked In Return Left Her Stunned


by Emily Anne



When nursing assistant Heather was diagnosed with stage four liver disease back in 2004, she thought all hope was lost. While her health deteriorated, she waited patiently for a liver match to see if she would be able to receive a transplant. As she eagerly prayed and hoped for a miracle, one finally came in the form of a former marine named Chris. This man turned out to be responsible for saving her life.

The way Chris came into Heather’s life is remarkable in itself. He simply overheard a coworker talking about Heather and the tragic situation she was in. Chris decided right then that he needed to get tested to see if he was a match. Sure enough, he was. From there, Chris immediately contacted Heather through the hospital and decided to give her part of his liver, even though he didn’t know her.



Heather was absolutely stunned by the news. Imagine her surprise when a stranger called to tell her he would be donating his liver to give her life. Heather could have died waiting for a liver, but Chris changed that.

The pair went through their long surgeries and recoveries together. Heather had her liver replaced by a little more than half of Chris’ liver. They bonded in their side-by-side hospital beds and became close friends through the experience. But that would not be the end of their story.

Nine months passed and, after an emotional journey, the pair realized that Chris wasn’t just a perfect liver match for Heather, but something so much more. That’s when Chris decided to do something incredible!


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Chris realized that he and Heather had a special connection and decided to propose. She, of course, said yes! Their story is the stuff of movies – a man performs an incredible act of kindness for a woman he has never met, the two fall in love, and they live happily ever after! What could be better than that?

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